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2020 Spring Lock-Down Locks

Well winter has well and truly drawn to a close, many of us are ecstatic at the return of warmer weather. However, being stuck in COVID-19 lock-down means we may not get as much time out in it as we thought, on the flip-side, we have lots of time indoors to pamper ourselves and make sure our hair is in tip-top shape for when the salons are open again.

While you may be mentally ready to transition into spring, your hair may need a little help.

As we enter the warmer seasons, you may start to notice lots of different changes such as dryer hair, extra frizz and split ends from heat styling and not getting your regular trips to the salon.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered with 6 tips that will help you spring into a new routine that will keep your hair looking fab!


Make a habit of gently brushing your hair before you hop in the shower to remove any tangles.

Hair is more prone to breakage when it’s wet, so removing the knots while it’s dry will help save your strands.

Using a detangling brush like the Tangle Teezer or Manta brushes will remove knots and tangles and are super gentle so as not to cause any damage to your hair.


Springtime is an excellent time to switch up your shampoo and conditioner. Now that the freezing cold has passed, your hair isn’t losing as much moisture the way it does mid-winter but may still need a bit of hydration and perhaps a hit of protein.

Try a lightweight, hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo that cleanses the scalp and adds body, ROKU recommends:

Eleven Australia, Hydrate My Hair range.

The perfect balance of moisture and protein for a gentle cleansing and lightweight condition that smells like holidays (if you can't be on one, why not just pretend).

Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

Find all products on our online shop,

Shampoo £16

Conditioner £17

Davines, MOMO Range.

A highly moisturising range, obtained with 100% clean energy. Zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging! Active ingredient of Paceco Cartucciaru Melon extract contains Vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus and zinc to give prolonged hydration.

Shampoo £17.90

Conditioner £19.60


At this time of the year, you have plenty of time on your hands,try and add masks to your routine. Hair masks are necessary to restore dry and damaged hair, bring back shine to dull lacklustre hair as well as giving you a time out to really nourish your hair and scalp. Hair masks can function to treat scalp problems such as itchiness and dryness alike. You can find various masks depending on your hair type, but it is always recommended to seek a professionals advice on which is the best for you. Also, it is noteworthy that you do not need to apply them daily, it would be enough if you nourish your hair and/or scalp with hair masks once a week. ROKU provides lots of in-salon treatments but here are a few you can buy online.


The tools you use to blow dry your hair or to style produce a lot of heat, while in lock-down, it may be the perfect chance to try giving your hair a break These hot tools cannot cause intense damage if used sparingly, If you use hot tools regularly, it will damage your hair with or without a heat protector.

You can dry your hair quickly with a hairdryer. However, this spring, try drying your locks naturally. ROKU stylists suggest dabbing your hair dry lightly with the towel and let the air dry your hair.

This technique will prevent hair damage and breakage that commonly occurs when you try to comb or brush your wet hair due to higher elasticity.

This is the perfect time to try out lots of ways to style your hair without having to face seeing to many people, ROKU stylists suggest putting in french pleats when the hair is slightly damp to produce a wavy effect. For our curly haired clients why not try the Love Curl Range by Davines. They have an extensive range for all curly hair types, our favourite is the Curl Revitaliser, this is spritzed into the hair to refresh your style in between washes.

LOVE Curl Revitaliser £21.30


Increased humidity after cold weather contributes to frizzy hair which is never a good look... You may notice more fly-aways on these sunny days too, you can overcome this irritating condition by using an anti-frizz serum, we suggest Eleven Australia's Miracle Hair Treatment which comes in a lotion or a spray . Apply it to damp hair, and it will seal the moisture and smooth down the cuticle focusing on the mid to tip of your hair strands. 

However, avoid overdoing it as it may cause a greasy look if too much is applied to the roots.

You can also find various anti-humidity sprays our go to is Color WOW's Dream Coat, this product is perfect for anti-humidity and superior shine, it lasts up to 3 or 4 shampoos but is sealed in with heat. Just spray on dry hair along the roots to achieve a fresh look.

Dream Coat £25.00


Your hair has potential to enhance your personality and make you feel amazing, that is why we encourage you to pay extra attention to it during lock-down. When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, we recommend regular hair trims but at the moment with all salons closed this is impossible, we also highly advise against trying to cut your own hair of course. So you can opt for the above-mentioned useful tips to improve the condition of your hair in the meantime.

We all miss our salon and you, the clients are so special to us!

Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Robbie Bruce

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